Case study

Proofreading Worship and Learn Greek, a language-learning resource published as a book and a CD of songs.

“Thank you very much for the proofreading service that you provided at very short notice. You found mistakes that I must have read a hundred times without realising that words had been incorrectly omitted.

“Even though the subject material was quite technical (Greek), you rose to the challenge, highlighted parts which were unclear and offered useful suggestions for improvement. The book was intended to be written in American English and for those with English as a second language, and you caught unintended Britishisms, and over-complex sentences.

“Although the subject matter is quite niche, half the initial print run have been bought or allocated and I am expecting interest to increase. Already, I’m thinking of additions for the second edition, and I’m hoping to ask for your help again, and also to give you more notice.”

Peter Ruffhead, author of Worship and Learn Greek